Eva's free-spirited mother is remarrying, and Eva is the maid of honor. Her mother relies on Eva, and she knows she has to step up, despite the grief she feels over her best friend's death, and the realizations she's coming to about the secrets her parents kept from each other and from her. The convergence makes her unravel secrets she tried to keep from herself. The mystery of personal histories and the choice to ignore painful knowledge weave with humor, pain, fear, and courage. The strength of the voice in this book, the humor layered over the pain, the need to turn away from the pain and yet confront it make this fast, funny, poignant novella memorable.
                                                            — 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Judge


Using humor to combat her grief, twenty-eight-year-old Eva Marino, in the process of preparing for her mother’s wedding while mourning the death of her best friend and lover, makes startling discoveries that change her future and shatter her assumptions about the past.

In On the Rocks, winner of a Next Generation Book Award, Eva Marino’s free-spirited mother Leonora is on the cusp of her second marriage and Eva is to serve as the maid of honor. Between binge-watching episodes of Midsomer Murders, attending therapy, and drinking mojitos at the Grumpy Monk Tavern directly after the yoga classes she takes with her mother, Eva attempts to keep her grief

at bay.

She knows she has to step up for her mother as wedding preparations continue, despite the grief she feels over her best friend's death and her realizations about the secrets her parents kept from her as well as from each other. For Eva, the convergence between her past and present comes to a head in the weeks leading up to her mother’s wedding. A mother-daughter last hoorah at a New Jersey spa culminates in Eva’s understanding of the truth, the truth she tried to keep from surfacing as well as the discovery of a secret that could be impossible for her to move on from.

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