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You can find so many things in an apple orchard. And that is where I am when I find the buried case.

Upstairs in the safe and sound of my room, I open it. Inside are bottles all tinted amber and miniature like toys, and each of these bottles is filled with a blood-red dye. Sometimes a vendor carrying a similar case comes knocking on the door to speak to Stepmother. Cosmetics, would you like to buy some cosmetics? she asks. Every time, Stepmother tries all the vendor’s lipsticks, blushers, and powders, listening intently as the vendor with her pointy black shoes holds a mirror in front of Stepmother’s face, tells her what is what.

"Apples," (story) 


"Apples" also appeared in Mother Tongues,

Winner of The Cupboard's 2015 Chapbook Contest