"Theodora Ziolkowski comes from a line of writers including the late-greats Eudora Welty (in her sometimes under-appreciated comic mode), Flannery O'Connor, Charles Portis, and Lewis Nordan, and more recently the great George Singleton. She's darkly funny with a fine eye for the everyday bizarre absurdities that make you want to lie about some of the people you come from."                         

    —Brad Watson, author of Miss Jane

"If there were a soundtrack to Theodora Ziolkowski's

On the Rocks it would be the tinkling toy piano tune that accompanies every creepy horror show featuring the relics of childhood in their dismembered afterlife. Atmospherically, this is where children are more mature than their parents, and the dead have more  volition than the living."
    —Antonya Nelson, author of Funny Once